Remarks of Thankfulness from Happy Fiances 

 " I was so surprised by his creativity in asking me to marry him at the museum. Every detail was perfect!" Sharon

"She was really appreciative of all my creative planning…and I got the answer I was hoping for too!" Bill

"I’ll never forget the wonderful look on his face when he said yes to my proposal." Christine

"She proposed to me in a unique way from the book, in an advertisement in the paper. I was really surprised and very happy!" Brant

"My son was treated to a really nice surprise when she asked him. That proposal was the start of a long-lasting love for them" Marie

 "This book is far beyond what any young man had in my day. It really gives them a wealth of ideas about making the marriage proposal a magical moment" Linda

" I want to order your book to give to my boyfriend to let him finally get the message" Jill

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