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Picture of couple proposing marriage with creative ideas"Down on One Knee" is a book of unique and creative marriage proposal ideas to help you make her heart soar when you propose marriage - when you're down on bended knee!

If you are:

  1. Ready to pop the question and propose marriage
  2. Wanting to do it in a creative or very special way
  3. Unsure of what to do

Then you need this book!

Authored by a woman who asked her fiancé to marry her, this book gives new approaches to popping the age old question of "will you marry me?" Some of us are creative in this undertaking, while some of us struggle for the words or theme to make the big approach - the engagement proposal. I understand the nervousness, apprehension, love and creativity that lay behind asking the big question. The marriage proposal is a moment that everyone dreams of, no matter who does the asking, man or woman. In this book, we creatively, uniquely and sensitively address different memory-making engagement proposal ideas that you can adopt and make your own. Although this book is primarily directed towards men, women, take the leap and don't hesitate to make the magic moment happen yourself with these creative marriage proposal scenarios. However you do the asking, do it sincerely, with love, and make the moment a wonderful one for your partner to remember.

Your imagination will be sparked by our book of over 60 creative and unique engagement proposal ideas such ideas as:

You'll also receive additional bonus chapters on:

Incredibly Romantic Ideas for your Wedding Day and Honeymoon:

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The moment of popping the big question is very memorable to most and can be done with flair. However, the time that many grooms tend to forget to make romantic and memorable is the period of time about an hour or two before the wedding. This is a time that you can take full advantage of in that you can make your fiancé feel very special. Imagine, sending her a bottle of her favorite perfume minutes before the ceremony so that she can wear it. Or maybe, preparing lunch for her and her bridesmaids to find in the parlor. Show some sweetness with some or all of our ideas and watch her float down the aisle towards you with the biggest smile at the ceremony. Whether for you or your best friend, this booklet is sure to infuse romance into your wedding.

We've compiled this booklet of proposal ideas from cases of the most romantic men and women who adored their partner enough to think of and carry out creative, thoughtful marriage proposals.

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Thank you and we congratulate you in advance on your creative proposal. We wish you much happiness and romance in your marriage!

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